La galleria d’arte all’interno dell’hotel è un’esperienza onnipresente che coinvolge l’ospite dal momento in cui le porte di ingresso si aprono, continuando per le scale ed i corridoi, fino a raggiungere la libreria situata all’ultimo piano e trasformando l’hotel in una collezione di pezzi unici, in continua evoluzione.

Maya Gelfman

This massive yet delicate work is a fast and floating sketch capturing a movement suspended in mid-air. The installation depicts a flock of yarn birds attempting to ascend, yet tied down, unable to progress. A flock taking flight is an inspiring spectacle that harbors freedom and hope.




A Bird 50 Knitting 480 euro

Marina Economides





Red Nude 800 euro

Photograph, 55x40cm

Galia Gur Zeev

Galia is a Photographer. She was born in Tel-Aviv, Israel. She holds a BFA from the Department of Photography, Bezalel Academy of Art & Design, Jerusalem. She was among the founders and directors of Limbus Gallery, an alternative exhibition space dedicated to photography.

Stefano Loria





3000 euro

Oil On Canvas, 100x100cm

Ronen Sharabani

"Hourglass" is part of a series of video works that engage in the ruthless race after a place and recognition. In the piece, a pile of chairs are trapped in the upper space of an hourglass and then fall like sand. Reminiscent of the game “musical chairs” in which the participant struggles for space while time is running out.








HOURGLASS 10,000 euro

Video Art Installation, 55x40cm

Edna Sheinman

Works of clay in a variety of firing methods, including Rakku and smoke firing of objects covered with Terra Sigilata.








each piece 300 euro

Amnon Lipkin

A Singer sewing machine inspired me to sew the landscapes in my life






embroidery, 25x25cm

Inbar Heller Algazi

Self taught illustrator and paper artist, working under the name "Yanshuf". Translates people's dreams and nightmares to paper and ink.


Carmel Ilan

Carmel’s work is based on a method of work constructed of numerous folded papers erecting from a wooden plate. Originating in the feminist discourse of the late 20th century, her work responds to traditions of female labor and crafts. Strongly connected to her basic material of paper, she questions the emotional response the material evokes and its contemporary value in an age of digitally archived knowledge.

Meital Komemi


Carlo Zei


Itamar Sagi


Flavin Robalo


Marco Lanza


Marina Economides

Wandering around as a cat in empty spaces. The work exists in an artificial time and space, in which connections are associative.


Shalom Nachshon

Photography has the power to connect people, bringing to light common positive feelings that need no translation.


Pietro Desiro


Anat Ben Dori

Inspired by Pop culture, the unsettling sense of constant rushing as if time is fast forwarded, a feeling that is typical of the 21st century. Surrounded by hectic, intoxicating flickering of screens - TV, smart phones, tablets - “women under the influence” showered by images from retail, lifestyle, sports events, and glamour. These images offer an illusion of eternal youth alongside a deep sense of temporal existence.


Batia Shani

Shani's gaze focuses on the readymade, leftovers, things that had different function in the past and found their way to her studio and into her work.


Galya Zamir

When I started painting the city around me I saw so much decrepitude that it seemed the challenge would overtake me. I didn't think I would be able to deal with what I saw. Slowly and meticulously as I painted my surroundings I came to love them, to appreciate the old and dilapidated buildings, as if to pardon their age and remember their long ago youth. Painted on simple cardboard I broke off pieces and allowed the frayed borders to stand proudly by.


Michal Ilan

Examines the urban aesthetics, the encounter between the built and the natural, while juxtaposing the interior and the exterior, the realistic and the abstract.